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What is a search warrant ?

Give us your research mandate

The principle of the research mandate :

A research mandate is a contract between a buyer who wants to buy a good and the agency. By this contract, the buyer charges the agency to prospect on his behalf and to find a property corresponding to his criteria as well as his budget. The real estate agent presents to his client the selection of dwellings resulting from his prospecting, the buyer having only to make his choice. The remuneration due to the agency in case of purchase is stipulated on the mandate, expressed either in percentage or in value. A research mandate is valid for three months and can be renewed once. It has no exclusivity, the buyer can conduct his own research or mandate other agencies.

Why give us a search warrant ?

There are several possible reasons:

You may not be able to prospect yourself. (Lack of availability, reason for distance…)
We analyze your needs to meet your project. "Discussion that can be done over the phone"
We carry out one or more pre-visits to save you time, with each visit we send you a report.
Most of our buyers use our services for their real estate search.
We will do everything we can to satisfy you.
We are at your disposal.
A stress-free real estate search... Working together.

Gérante de l’agence,
Mlle Christelle MARTINEZ